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Car Insurance safeguards you hard earned assets. If you don't have Auto Insurance and Home Insurance, you are leaving yourself open to unlimited liability.

Car insurance provides a stop loss to how much financial loss you are at risk for. 247 Car Insurance UK suggests the following Car Insurance company for your online Car Insurance Quote needs.

E-Car Insurance provides quick no obligation quotes online. Ecar is the first online insurance solution to let you, the customer, take total control. Why bother with call centers and automated phone lines? With eCar's revolutionary system you can manage your whole policy online - no phone calls, no waiting. We give you instant access to make changes to your policy, whenever you need it: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

E-Car offers several types of insurance policies:

 Standard Policy

  • The eCar Standard Policy is an annual policy that offers outstanding cover and flexibility.

  • Cover up to 4 drivers on 4 different cars at excellent rates

  • Up to 90 days cover in the European Union

  • Protected No Claims Discount

  • Maintain your policy online - log in to change your car details, add a driver or renew your policy at your convenience

Short Term Policy (from 1 to 28 days)

eCar have developed short term insurance cover for people* who find it more beneficial to get short term cover for their car rather than insure it for the whole year.  Perhaps you just need it for one-off occasions or unexpected times.  Short Term Cover is ideal for:

  • Driving a friends car for a temporary period, such as an airport trip or use during a UK holiday

  • Insuring another person to drive your car temporarily for shared driving on a long trip

  • Test driving a car you are looking to purchase, driving a courtesy or hired car

eCar can cover you on a social, domestic or pleasure basis for any period between 1 and 28 days - you have the option to extend this cover to commuting usage as well. For periods longer than a month then you might want to consider our Pay As You Go Monthly Policy.

eCar Pay As You Go
eCar Pay As You Go monthly policy allows you to purchase cover as and when you need it - on a monthly basis for a monthly premium. You can purchase cover one month at a time and then switch it off when it's not required.  A renewal notice will be sent shortly before the expiry of the policy. If you would like the policy to continue for another month, we will renew it automatically and collect the monthly premium. If you would like to cancel your policy, you will need to go on line to cancel the policy in “Your Account” on or before the expiry date.

  • Cover up to 4 drivers on 4 different cars at excellent rates.

  • Earn 1 year's No Claims Discount for only 8 months' claim free cover.

  • Maximum No Claims Discount guaranteed for life.

  • Driving Cover in European Union

The monthly rate you are quoted will be guaranteed for 8 months providing no changes are made.

Save money with eCar Insurance includes Breakdown Assistance (fully comp), Legal Cover, European Driving and free 5 years NCD protection



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